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“Barbara Rosenblat has been creating wise and witty performances for nearly 30
years, many of them in my studios, performances so riveting, you feel like she has
taken over your brain.
     “If you have any interest at all in the magic world of narration, you’ll want to
read Barbara’s book. She has tapped her considerable experience to bring you
her personal answers to all the most-asked-questions on this sophisticated art.
It is a wonderful chance to learn about the craft of audiobooks through the eyes
of one of its finest practitioners.”
— Claudia Howard, Executive Producer, Recorded Books LLC

Barbara Rosenblat is a brilliant voice artist. She can inhabit any kind of
character with astute understanding of all the emotional subtleties created by
the author. Her accents are carefully used, and impeccable. She brings home
amazing listening experiences.”
— Robin Whitten, Editor & Founder, AudioFile Magazine 

“In my two decade experience as an audiobook producer and director, I’ve had
the pleasure of working with Barbara on multiple productions. Her an intuitive
ability to powerfully communicate the language’s intellectual and emotional
nuance is second to none and sets the storytelling bar for all narrators.”
— Paul Ruben, President, Tribeca Audio

There’s no better reader of audiobooks in crime fiction than Barbara Rosenblat.
And it
s not just my opinion — all my fans tell me so.  Barbara has a brilliant
blend of intelligence, wit, humor, and suspense which she loans to the
characters I
ve created.  Its a joy to hear her bring my stories to life, with
unique skill and style.

— Linda Fairstein, New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Barbara is a unique audio book talent.  She is not only a consummate
professional who comes to every session fully prepared and conversant with
the material; she also brings with her an intuitive understanding and fresh
interpretation of the text. She needs very little direction, if any, and actually
gives everyone at the session, including the Director, a Master Class in the
art of audio book narration. She’s a creative genius who is always at the top
of her game.”
— Arnold Cardillo, Live Oak Media

“There’s a reason I don’t narrate audio books; her name is Barbara Rosenblat. 
On more than one occasion I’ve sat in my idling car spellbound by her
narrative, unable and unwilling to stop listening. The world that envelopes
our ears and our minds when she narrates is pitch perfect; we see —not just
hear — each character and feel we know them as well as if we’d watched a
movie. Barbara is the best of the best, creating life in our mind’s eye rather
than merely reciting words.”
— Harlan Hogan, Voice Actor