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The Art of Recording Audio Books

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of Barbara’s book for audiobook narrators.


audio book narratingIf you’d like to learn about audio book narrating from the performer’s perspective, this is the book for you.


“A wonderful chance to learn about the craft of audiobooks through the eyes of one of its finest practitioners.”
— Claudia Howard, Recorded Books


The woman who has been called “the Meryl Streep of audiobooks” answers 39 questions from other voice artists and actors. 

“Barbara sets the storytelling bar for all narrators.”
— Paul Ruben, President, Tribeca Audio


“Barbara has a brilliant blend of intelligence, wit, humor, and suspense. It’s a joy to hear her bring my stories to life, with unique skill and style.”
— Linda Fairstein, New York Times Best-Selling Author


Please don’t buy this book if you’re looking for an encyclopedic overview of the entire audiobook industry…or for technical advice regarding recording equipment or editing software.


Do purchase this book if you want an intimate, insider’s look at how the industry’s most acclaimed narrator approaches her craft…along with tips for anyone who records audio books. 


“Barbara is a unique audio book talent, a creative genius who is always at the top of her game.”
— Arnold Cardillo, Live Oak Media


“Barbara Rosenblat is the best of the best.”
— Harlan Hogan, Voice Actor

Here Are the 39 Questions Barbara Answers in This Book. 


Is It Realistic for a Beginner to Expect to Break into Audiobook Narration?


How Did You Begin Your Audiobook Career?


How Does an Audiobook Narrator Get Paid for Her/His Time?


How Do I Get Started as an Audiobook Narrator?


What Specific Skills Must I Have to Voice Children’s Books?


When Voicing Children’s Books, Do You Read Differently to Girls than to Boys?


What Is the First Step a Performer Should Take toward Launching an Audiobook Career?


Must You Be a Fan of a Particular Genre to Enjoy Narrating It?


Do Audiobook Narrators Work at a Publisher’s Recording Studio or from Home Studios?


When You Record an Audiobook at a Studio, Do They Direct You? 


What Is the Timetable for Voicing a Book? All in One Day? Several Days? Weeks?


Do You Read Directly from the Book Itself, or Do You Read from a Prepared Script that the Publisher Provides?


Do You Read the Book First and Then Go Back and Determine What Voice Will Be Assigned to Each Character? Or, While You’re Reading the Book, Are You Deciding What Voices Go with the Various Characters?


When Narrating a Book with Many Characters, Is It Necessary to Develop Distinct Voices for Each Character, or Is It Sufficient to Indicate a Change in Speakers Within a Scene by Changes in Pitch or Inflection?


How Do You Create Your Voice Characterizations for Each Character?


How Do You Remember Your Voice Characterizations for Each Character?


How Do You Deal with Books Where Characters Have Different Accents?


How Much Acting Should I Put into Portraying the Characters, Including the Narrator, in an Audiobook?


I’ve Done Lots of Voice Acting for Animation. Will That Make It Easier for Me to Create Characters for Audiobooks?


How Do You Manage to Maintain Consistency of Sound as if You Recorded the Entire Book in a Single Take?


Do You Record Sitting Down or Standing Up?


How Do You Prevent Vocal Fatigue During Long Recording Sessions?


How Do You Record an Audiobook When You Have a Cold?


I’ve Been Told the Proper Way to Interpret Audiobooks Is to Refrain from Inflection. Have You Found

That to Be True?


How Long Should an Audiobook Demo Be?


In What Form Should I Submit My Audiobook Demo to a Producer or an Agent?


What Should I Put on My Audiobook Demo?


Should I Include Music or Other Additional Production on My Audiobook Demo?


To Whom Should I Send My Audiobook Demo?


How Much Money Can I Expect to Make Recording Audiobooks? 


Is There a Demand for Voice Talent for Audiobooks that Are Not Character Driven, Such as Self-Help,


Humor or Other Nonfiction Audiobooks?


Do Authors You’ve Never Worked with Ever Ask You to Record Their Books? 


What Does It Take to Consistently Get Work Voicing Audiobooks?


What’s the Best Track for Reaching the Point of Voicing the Top Books?


How Do I Find Smaller Publishers Who Are More Inclined to Use Voice Actors Who Are New to the Field?


Is It Necessary to Live Near the Primary Locations Where Audiobooks Are Recorded?


Who Are the Decision Makers in This Industry? What Is the Job Title of the Person Who Most Commonly


Hires the Talent?


Why Do So Many Voice Actors Want to Record Audiobooks?